Solanaceous Vegetable seed treatment techniques

Published: 12th August 2010
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1.Seeds disinfection

 Steep the seeds in warm soup. First, steep the seeds by a little amount of cool water; then pour in hot water and measure the temperature with rod thermometer, making water temperature reach 55℃; stir in one direction and stop stirring when water temperature drops to 30℃. Eggplant seeds should be steeped for 8-12 hours, tomato seeds for 6-8 hours, and chilli seeds for 8-10 hours. When soak is finished, rub off the mucus on the seed coat of eggplant and pepper seeds with fine sand, separate the seeds with clean water, then wash for accelerating germination. Tomato seeds have fuzz, so it is needed to grip the water, spread out to dry before accelerating germination.

 Steep the seeds with agentia. Steep solanaceous vegetable seeds in the agentia with certain concentration. After certain time, wash the agentia with clean water, then get to soak and accelerate germination. The amount of agentia is twice as the volume of seeds.

1)Tomato seeds:

① The agentia consists of 40% formalin diluted for 100 times and 10%Trisodium Phosphate solution . Steep the seeds in water for 3-4 hours at first, and then steep the wet seeds in the agentia for 15-20min. Take them out, wrap with wet cloth and put into sealed pot for 2-3 hours, and then wash for accelerating germination. Formalin is used as disinfection to protect the tomato from early plague, and trisodium phosphate can resist virus disease.

② Steep the seeds in hydrochloric acid, which is diluted for 200 times, for 3 hours to eliminate tobacco mosaic virus.③ Steep seeds in warm water at 40 ℃for 3-4 hours, move into 0.1% potassium permanganate solution, steeping for 30min. Then take out and wash with water, reducing ulcer disease and mosaic disease.

2)Eggplant seeds:

① Steep the eggplant seeds in 1% potassium permanganate for 30min. Take out, wash for several times and steep in warm soup, eliminating pathogen attached to the surface of seeds.

② Steep in carbendazim solution of 0.1% effective component for one hour, wash and steep to accelerate germination. It can prevent and treat verticillium wilt effectively.

③ Steep in 40% formalin solution for 15min, take out and wash. It can prevent phomopsis blight of eggplant and verticillium wilt.

3)Chilli seeds:

① Steep the chilli seeds in clean water at first for 4-5 hours, then in 10% copper sulfate solution for 5min, wash and accelerate germination. This method can prevent and treat anthracnose and bacterial speck.

② Steep in 0.2%-0.4% zinc sulfate solution at 20-25℃ for 12 hours. It can inhibit chilli virus disease.

③ Steep in cold water for 3-4 hours, remove to 50% carbendazim solution, which is diluted for 500 times, for one hour, and then wash with clean water. It can kill or purify the chilli virus.

2、Seeds steeping and germination acceleration

 Seeds steeping

Steeping the seeds in clean water at 20-30℃ before germination for the seeds to absorb enough water, accelerating germination speed. The soak time varied due to ripening degree of seeds and water temperature. The riper the seed is, the more time it needs for soak, the lower the water temperature is. Generally, tomato seeds need 5-6 hours for soak, chilli seeds 6-8 hours and eggplant seeds 10-12 hours.

 Germination acceleration

It is supposed to meet the needs of required temperature, water and oxygen for the germination of solanaceous vegetable seed. This kind of seed needs to be placed in the shade according to its darkness priority. The germination is fastest in the shade place with suitable humidity, good ventilation and the temperature at 25 ℃ -30 ℃. After soak, wrap the seeds with wet gauze or towel and place in big bowls or small pots, washing once or twice with the water of 25-30℃ everyday. In terms of tomato seeds, it is better to mix with fine sand, the volume of which is three times as that of seeds. Place the seeds in the laver, turn over once or twice everyday and add water if the sand is dry. Eggplant seeds need variational temperature, 30 ℃ for 8 hours and 20 ℃ for 16 hours. The buds are neat. Generally, tomato seeds can pullulate in 2-3 days eggplant and chilli seeds in 5-6 days.


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